Girl Returns to the Starting Line after Shoe Comes Off, Still Wins the Race


In a race, every second counts. Most athletes wouldn’t stop for anything, but one girl returns to the starting line after her shoe comes off– and still wins the race by a huge lead! Impressive, huh?

Girl Returns to Starting Line, Still Wins Race

If you’re having a race and your shoe comes off somewhere, would you stop to get it? For many, the decision might be difficult, especially if it’s just a short race. Unless it’s a marathon or a race wherein you run for several kilometers, many might just continue running despite the lost shoe.

There are also many who would have stopped to pick it up and wear it back, but you know they’re likely to lose the race. They’ll be in the last place, right?

  girl returns to the starting line

Photo credit: Terence “Bud” Crawford

Well, wrong! Not for one girl caught on video, anyway – 7-year-old Talaya Crawford, the daughter of boxer Terence “Bud” Crawford.

This girl accidentally had her shoes come off at the starting line of a 200-meter race. Her instinct was to run back and get her shoes. She lost precious time putting her shoe back on, but quickly ran back to join her opponents.

Photo credit: Terence “Bud” Crawford

Quite amazingly, this girl managed to reach the other girls within the 100-meter mark. From there, she gained a lead that none of the other girls surpassed.

Despite the seconds she lost at the starting line, this amazing young lady won the race with a huge lead! She’s definitely one impressive little girl.

Photo credit: Terence “Bud” Crawford

Netizens were quite impressed with her performance.

“Not gonna lie, I saw she loses her shoe, wait for it and thought she was going to run the race without her shoe, maybe kick the other one off while running and win. Never would I have imagined an athlete would even think of turning around once a race started let alone turn around, put her shoe on and then still win by a landslide!” one wrote.

“Went from LayLay, to the whole name, that’s how you know it was getting serious. I love my people,” another commented.

Her story is like that little boy who fell at the starting line and was run over by another competitor but still won the race, anyway!

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